Chamber Letter: Joint Executive Director

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Chamber Members,

There have been some exciting changes recently within the chamber, and I want to share the news and make sure all our members are kept informed. In your May newsletter, I explained that the South Des Moines Chamber and East Des Moines Chamber are cooperating together to hire a joint Executive Director (ED). In June we announced that Sadie Trytten has accepted the position. Sadie is a strong Executive and prior to accepting the position, she has been active with Chambers as a volunteer for several years. I feel this is an exciting step for the South Des Moines Chamber as we grow and I want to make sure everyone is aware of the changes and the history of the decision to hire a joint ED.

This past spring, The South Des Moines Chamber was in the process of hiring a part-time ED. The ED serves our members and is responsible for many functions including RSVP’s for events and luncheons, helps coordinate education sessions / programs for our members, assembles and distributes the monthly newsletter and weekly updates, communicates with members, recruits new members, and assists with marketing not only the Chamber, but the members that are part of the Chamber. At the same time, the East Des Moines Chamber also began recruiting for a part-time ED. The decision was made to combine the two positions, making one full-time ED that serves both the East Des Moines and South Des Moines Chambers.

This decision did not come lightly. The Executive Committees had several joint meetings discussing the many decisions and implications this may have. Through the process of change, the South Des Moines Chamber Board has worked hard to keep our members’ needs at the front of all decisions. In the end, it is the belief of the South Des Moines Chamber Board that working with the East Des Moines Chamber will bring more benefits to our members. This new spirit of cooperation can only make both of us stronger.

The job of the volunteer board is to advocate on behalf of economic growth in the area, support our members, and provide opportunities for networking and education. Partnering with East Des Moines will mean more opportunities for our members in all of the areas. Together we have a stronger voice. The South Des Moines Chamber Board of Directors is working to make sure South Des Moines does not lose its rich history or unique identity, rather share the great things about the Southside with others in Des Moines.

I am excited about this new adventure for the chamber and believe the possibilities are endless. We have already hosted the first lunch series of three that the chambers are doing cooperatively. The series focuses on personnel issues that all businesses face. The first luncheon was about the new health care plan and what it means to employers. The next two topics are on employee wellness programs and hiring/firing practices. We also hosted our first after hours social with both chambers at Jasper Winery. We hope to plan more in the future and feel this is a good opportunity to meet new people and share your business with others in Des Moines.

I encourage you to participate in the various events and enjoy the new partnership benefits.


Anne Shimerdla
2010 South Des Moines Chamber President

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